Asset Management

About Us

SuMi TRUST is one of the largest asset managers in Japan, with AUM of USD 453 billion (as of 31st March 2015). Trust banks are major players in asset management industry in Japan, and SuMi TRUST is one of them.


SuMi TRUST offers a comprehensive Japanese as well as Asian product suite to clients. Japanese equity products include value, growth, as well as market neutral strategy. All the important investment decisions for Japanese equity products are made in Japan, based on the research and analysis conducted locally in Japan. 

Proxy Voting

As corporate governance is very important aspect of investment. SuMi TRUST sets its philosophy and policies on execution of proxy voting, and discloses its results.

Stewardship Activities

We, as a responsible institutional investor, shall engage with companies, subject to “Japan’s Stewardship Code” to which we have announced our commitment, to enhance corporate values and encourage sustainable growth, to achieve long term investment returns to our beneficiaries and clients. Our analysts at the Investment Research Department shall engage directly with companies.

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