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First of all, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support.

The most significant financial issue currently confronting Japan is that enormous amounts of personal financial assets and corporate retained earnings are not being invested or consumed, and remain dormant as cash and deposits.

Under our current Medium-Term Management Plan, we are tackling this issue head-on to achieve the creation of a virtuous circulation of funds, assets and capital, in alignment with the notion of “balanced creation of both social value and economic value,” defined as the bedrock of our management philosophy.

As a trust bank, we are involved in all markets in which there are circulation of funds, assets and capital, not just limited to banking, but also including real estate and other asset markets as well as capital markets including securities. We hope to leverage our flexible and broad-ranging trust functions and proactively contribute to creating a virtuous circulation of funds between clients and society at these contact points.

Also, trusts provide a wide range of functions. One of them is the so-called “time conversion function,” which ensures clients’ assets and wishes are passed on to the next generation. For the very reason that trusts possess this function is why we have “responsibility for the future,” and obliged to think and act with the interests of future generations in mind.

Reconfirming the basic principles and functions of a trust bank, and creating a new circulation of funds in Japan is our historic mission. It is also a social mission with a view to the future.

With the aim of steadily fulfilling these roles and missions, we shall strive to undertake initiatives for our clients, society and our sustainable growth.

I sincerely hope for the continued warm support of all our stakeholders.

October 2022

President Kazuya Oyama
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