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I would first like to express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support.

In the new medium-term management plan (FY2023-FY2025), we aim to become "a social infrastructure that promotes a virtuous circulation of funds, assets, and capital through the 'power of trusts' " by intersecting and combining our diverse businesses and functions.

The most significant financial and social issue in Japan is that abundant personal financial assets and retained earnings of companies are not put towards investment or consumption, but remain stagnant and immobile in cash and deposits.

As a trust bank, we are involved in all markets in which there is circulation of funds, assets, and capital. This is not just limited to banking, but also includes real estate and other asset markets, as well as capital markets including securities.

As an entity entrusted by various stakeholders to solve social issues and create new value, we are committed to taking initiative and proactively promoting a virtuous circulation.

We are committed to tackling our nation's social issues head-on to achieve sustainable growth for our customers and society, as well as for our company.

I sincerely hope for the continued warm support as we make progress with these endeavors.

August 2023

President Kazuya Oyama
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