• The SuMi TRUST Group has positioned M&A and capital alliance advisory activities as an effective function for enhancing enterprise value, and is actively engaging in these advisory activities related to business acquisitions, the sale of non-core businesses, and management buyouts, etc.

  • As a trust bank group that covers banking, trust and real estate functions, the SuMi TRUST Group provides consulting services to its corporate clients on financial matters, business restructuring concerns, and anti-takeover measures, as well as consulting services on business succession for business owners, etc.

  • As solutions to the various welfare-related issues of corporate clients, the SuMi TRUST Group is actively offering new programs and schemes, such as Japanese-version ESOPs, which contribute to revitalizing ESOP associations and promoting a sense of employee participation in management, and board benefit trusts for executive officers, directors, and audit & supervisory board members as a perk in our human resources management system as well as installment saving programs, employees’ saving programs, and housing loans, which enable the reduction of the asset management burden on companies, while at the same time helping employees’ asset building efforts.

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