• A syndicated loan is a fundraising scheme in which an “arranger” (a lead financial institution) forms a syndicate of lenders to provide loans on the same terms and conditions under a single contract to satisfy the funding needs of clients.

  • In real estate finance, we provide non-recourse loans to our clients based on either current and/or future cash flows of the collateral properties using our best knowledge and expertise earned through one of the longest history of this business in Japan. We also serve our clients by providing equity money to support their investment and securitization business.

  • Project finance, which employs the cash flow generated from specific projects as the repayment source and limits its collateral to the relevant project’s assets, is used to raise funds for infrastructure projects such as the building of power plants, railroads, roads, ports, etc.

  • Asset finance is a financing technique in which the cash flow generated by assets belonging to a corporation or other body is used to repay loans.

  • M&A finance consists of finance for the purpose of providing acquisition capital when companies or private equity funds acquire a company, or when a company's management seeks to buy out its own company or a single business unit in the company.

  • Asset securitization arrangements are operations that involve splitting off specific assets such as monetary claims (loans and bills discounted, accounts receivable, etc.) and real estate* from their owners and creating financial instruments based upon the revenue (cash flow) generated by these assets, to raise funds.

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