In real estate finance, we provide non-recourse loans to our clients based on either current and/or future cash flows of the collateral properties using our best knowledge and expertise earned through one of the longest history of this business in Japan.

We also serve our clients by providing equity money to support their investment and securitization business.

The real estate non-recourse loan is one of the means to facilitate financing for purchasing real estate in which real estate securitization*1 is carried out and the assets are transferred to an SPC*2. The loan itself is repaid exclusively from the cash flow originating from the real estate or the proceeds of its sale. The Wholesale Financial Services Business coordinates with the Real Estate Business and the overseas offices to actively capture good quality real estate finance projects both in Japan and overseas. As a result, the SuMi TRUST Group has currently secured a top class position in this field among Japanese financial institutions.

  • *1A type of asset securitization. The securities issued are backed by the revenue obtained from real estate, such as rent income, as the underlying asset.
  • *2SPC:Special Purpose Company

Real Estate Non-recourse Loan Scheme

Real Estate Non-recourse Loan Scheme
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