SuMi TRUST offers a comprehensive Japanese as well as Asian product suite to clients.

Japanese equity products include value, growth, as well as market neutral strategy. All the important investment decisions for Japanese equity products are made in Japan, based on the research and analysis conducted locally in Japan. Market neutral strategy of Japanese equity employs widely used Cayman fund structure and is managed through our Hong Kong subsidiary.

We also provide products investing in Asian equities. The capability was developed through the experience in Japanese equity. Our Hong Kong subsidiary has an investment team dedicated to Asian equity investment.

Note: The diagram shows relative risk return relation among each product. The diagram does not guarantee the future return of the products. Please refer to detailed information of each product when making investment decision.

Japan Small Cap Strategy: JSC

The strategy is based on our belief that the Small Cap Sector of the Japanese stock market can provide excellent opportunity for consistent uncorrelated high returns. Managers seek to identify stocks with true upside potential that are overlooked or undervalued by the market.

*The strategy is also available in UCITS.

Japan Fundamental Growth Strategy High Alpha: JFG High Alpha

A strategy distilling the best of our non-consensus high conviction ideas. The strategy taps into a concentrated high conviction stock selection process based upon our significant research group located in Japan. The portfolio is constructed typically with 30-50 stocks.

Japan Fundamental Growth Strategy: JFG

A bottom-up fundamental research intensive strategy providing a high-conviction portfolio of mid to large-cap growth stocks. Managers and analysts seek undiscounted growth and invest to take best advantage. The domestic version of the strategy is a fund widely bought and held by Japanese pension funds. The portfolio is constructed typically with 60-90 stocks.

Japan Fundamental Value Satellite Strategy: JFVS

A value strategy focusing on the Free Cash Flow valuation and the consensus gap detected by our detailed research. The team invests in undervalued stocks which have high probability of earnings surprise potential.

*The strategy is also available in UCITS.

Japan Index: JI

Replicates index subject to any additional investor criteria (such as high credit risk screening).

Japan Long-Short Strategy: JLS

A strategy generating consistent alpha by forecasting earnings surprise on a market neutral basis. The strategy takes positions in 50-70 pairs of stocks, one short, one long where a consistent spread is generally anticipated by the market. This is a research driven strategy which additionally requires a deep understanding of the characteristics of the market. This can be used in conjunction with portable alpha strategies or passive exposure.

Investment products for non-Japanese investors provided through our London subsidiary, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust International.


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