Investment Process

  1. STEP
    Initial Meeting with Clients
    Step1 Initial Meeting with Clients
    • Learn your investment criteria
    • Create database
  2. STEP
    Introduction of Properties
    Step2 Introduction of Properties
    • Introduce a property based on your criteria in a timely manner
    • Provide simple but comprehensive 2-page summary
    • Provide our opinion on financing for the property
  3. STEP
    Investment Memo w/CF
    Step3 Investment Memo w/CF
    • Provide in-depth IM and detailed CF reflecting our preliminary term sheet
    • Prepare our complete term sheet for financing
  4. STEP
    Property Tour in Japan
    Step4 Property Tour in Japan
    • Arrange and conduct property tour and meetings with related parties
  5. STEP
    Step5 Follow-Ups/Arrangements
    • Submit additional reports/documents
    • Conduct due diligence
    • Arrange additional meetings
    • Submit the term sheet from SuMi TRUST
  6. STEP
    Investing in Properties
    Step6 Investing in Properties
    • Prepare necessary documents
    • Execute transaction
    • Provide loans from SuMi TRUST
  7. STEP
    Asset Management
    Step7 Asset Management
    • Conduct necessary follow-ups
    • Provide up-to-date market reports
    • Introduction of buyers as requested
  8. STEP
    Divesting of Properties
    Step8 Divesting of Properties
    • Provide necessary data/reports with our profit-maximizing proposal
    • Arrange meetings with buyers
    • Assisting a smooth transaction



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